The restaurant in Portofino

…a place where blue sea mingles with blue sky, and your eyes are filled with wonder.

The history of the restaurant ö Magazín, which in Ligurian dialect means “warehouse”, started over 30 years ago, when a young Emilia decided to convert the warehouse, where her father Giorgio used to store the equipment and the nets.
Emilia, along with her sister Simona renovated that familiar place into a restaurant, located in a corner of paradise overlooking the crystal clear sea of Portofino.
The restaurant has preserved its historicity, which is still visible today, particularly with the wood from the deck of the iconic family boat, the Utility Portofino, that has been repurposed as restaurant tables.

The love and passion for cooking, combined with local raw materials and fresh ingredients, give life a journey through culinary experiences that accompany guests on a discovery of Ligurian flavors, allowing them to “time travel” back in time.