The Restaurant

The restaurant in Portofino

…a place where blue sea mingles with blue sky, and your eyes are filled with wonder.

ö Magazín, a clear reference to the Ligurian dialect, has a history that goes back more than 30 years, when Emilia decided to open the family restaurant in the warehouse where her father Giorgio used to store fishing nets and equipment.

Hence the name ö Magazín, meaning “ the warehouse”. Emilia and her sister Simona have lovingly transformed that familiar place into a restaurant, with the crystal clear sea of Portofino as a backdrop.

Love and passion for cooking, together with local raw materials and fresh ingredients, give birth to veritable culinary experiences that accompany guests in the discovery of Ligurian flavors and aromas. Mealtime becomes an intimate journey that allows one to re-experience past emotions and enjoy new ones, just a stones throw from the sea.

Opening soon

Starting from this summer, you will also find us at the new Porto Carlo Riva in Rapallo with our new venue, ö Magazín Al Pörto.