The Restaurant

The restaurant in Portofino

…a place where blue sea mingles with blue sky, and your eyes are filled with wonder.

The history of the restaurant ö Magazín, which in Ligurian dialect means “warehouse”, started over 30 years ago, when a young Emilia decided to open a restaurant in the family warehouse, used in the past by her father Giorgio to store the equipment and the nets for fishing.

From here the name ö Magazín, that is “warehouse”. Emilia, along with her sister Simona renovated that familiar place into a restaurant, located in a corner of paradise overlooking the crystal clear sea of Portofino.

The love and passion for cooking, combined with local raw materials and fresh ingredients, result into a journey through culinary experiences that accompany guests on a discovery of Ligurian flavors, allowing them to “time travel” back in time, by the sea.